List-stumped, plain and simple.

I’m a bit of a list person. At work on a Monday morning I start the week with a list. I usually re-do that list each morning, always with the best intent of crossing items off the list. Some weeks it works great, other weeks and days the wheels fall off quickly and the list becomes just a reference point, not a ‘things to do this week’ list.

But I have a list. Read More

Rainy day in the city

I woke one morning last week and peeked out the window.


The sky was dark, the city was grey. The heavens had opened, it was pouring rain.

When I’m home I love the rain. I know it is filling our dams, our water tanks and the soil profiles that will sustain our crops and our community. It is Mother Nature’s gift to Father Earth. Read More

Your whole life ahead of you…

“I have to sort my life out” is a common phrase one of my daughters uses often. At times it is used a little flippantly like to work out whether she is going out with friends or sorting out her study timetable. At other times it is for real life decisions that I am sure many young people are faced with today. Read More

Swimming against the human tide

I missed the memo yesterday. Or at least that is what I started to wonder. It didn’t hit me at first; I ploughed on oblivious to the change. I turned the corner and it hit me.

I was faced with a wall, a wall of people heading in the opposite direction to me. The country girl was back in the city and trying to cope with the hustle and bustle of “peak hour”.

My head was cloudy and grey  © Can Stock Photo Inc. / littleneven though it was only 8am. Read More

Food for the Flu

The flu hit me Photo credit © Can Stock Photo Inc. / Subbotina

I have been a little under the weather this week. Like about 15 000 other Australians I have been battling the flu during the final gasps of the Australian winter. Knowing I am sharing these symptoms with so many other country folk does not make me feel any better! Read More

An 18 year old in the house

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

Today a close friend of my daughter turns 18. The birthday girl is a little pocket rocket of confidence, laughter and fun. My day is always so much brighter when she pops into that day. I wish her much happiness and a long life of building wonderful memories, contentment and challenges in whatever career paths she travels and good health as she journeys through her time on this earth. Read More

Commitment to Exercise

Runners during the City 2 Surf    Yesterday Sunday August 9th the annual Sydney City to Surf was held. Over 80 000 people ran the 14 kilometres from the heart of Sydney, up Heartbreak Hill and down to the beach at beautiful Bondi. My social media feeds filled with friends carb loading at local restaurants the night before, nervous selfie shots in front of Sydney iconic buildings and then photos as they puffed up the hill and celebration images as they made the finish line. Read More

It all began

The view from the remote area - time to reflect
The view from the remote area – time to reflect

Last weekend I spent time with a group of women strangers. Well actually we came together as strangers, we left as friends. Within a few hours together we were invited to become “as naked as we wanted to be” in front of the others. Naked, so soon? Oh gosh what had I signed up to? There wasn’t even phone reception to call in help if this did go super wrong!! Read More