Food for the Flu

The flu hit me Photo credit © Can Stock Photo Inc. / Subbotina

I have been a little under the weather this week. Like about 15 000 other Australians I have been battling the flu during the final gasps of the Australian winter. Knowing I am sharing these symptoms with so many other country folk does not make me feel any better!

However the wonderful care of my beautiful mum has helped ease the miserable-ness (is this a word?) for a short while. As my ribs ached with continual coughing, as my nose grew red and tender from incessant blowing, as my eyes puffed and voice croaked my mum provided me sustenance.

Now I can cook reasonably well, though I stopped trying to compete with my mum years ago. There is nothing better than my mum’s curried chicken dish to lift the spirits – not only does the curry help give the taste buds a reason to wake up but the tender loving care (TLC) inserted into every stir of the pot fills me with warmth from the tip of my toes to the top of my cloudy head. I am sure this is the same for many of you- no matter how old or young you are – mums cooking is the best.

While you are reading this with an element of envy and wistfulness I warn you – there is more…

As my throat pained from the coughing my mum produced Golden Syrup Dumplings – I kid you not!!

Picture a fist size ball of fluffy dumpling (cross between cake and bread) gently simmering in a thick sauce of golden syrup sugar. After dancing on the taste buds it slides gently down and soothes the throat before giving a feeling of utter bliss that flows through every vein.

Its heaven, it’s a natural healer, its just absolutely delicious

While this natural medicine of home cooked comfort food may not be the cure for the common cold it sure makes living through the sickly experience a bit more bearable. I will worry about the additional kilos when the fog clears.

Hats off to home cooking, the cup of TLC and my mum.

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