It all began

The view from the remote area - time to reflect
The view from the remote area – time to reflect

Last weekend I spent time with a group of women strangers. Well actually we came together as strangers, we left as friends. Within a few hours together we were invited to become “as naked as we wanted to be” in front of the others. Naked, so soon? Oh gosh what had I signed up to? There wasn’t even phone reception to call in help if this did go super wrong!!

Throughout the weekend we examined our current career path, with the help of picture cards, prompts from others and some very experienced woman who facilitated the weekend. Thinking about the last 5 years we were pushed then to think about the now and the future – again using the pictures. I love telling a story through pictures. I know you are burning to ask – were the pictures of people with or without clothes? The pictures were an array of people (with clothes), symbols, scenes, colours that evoked different feelings in everyone present. It made it fun.

OK where was the naked bit? Talking about the pictures, our past, our dreams, our needs, our sacrifices along the way. How much would you share with people you only met 5 minutes ago? It was easy to share. We were all there for the same reason, a common bond. We were all seeking answers to what we needed to do to reflect, re-energise, refocus our career and for some other parts of our lives because we know you cannot separate one for the other.

My journey for those 48 hours clearly showed a need to be creative, to write. A wonderful experienced guide asked me at dinner “So what do you want to do?” to which I replied “I want to write, one day” Her answer…what is stopping you now?

I had no answer – there is no excuse. So I am here, writing ever so nervously but I am here!

I live in a regional area of Australia. For some time I have been chasing the greener more exciting pastures of city living, only to find my heart will always be in the country. Its time to appreciate this and through this channel – countryhorizons – record for the world some wonderful woman that I know or have known. These are both older woman (like my mum!) and some really inspiring young woman that the world needs to know about and hopefully inspire some other regional country gals to achieve the best of all worlds. I have raised three girls, I feel I have some stories and experiences to share…

My story now begins…

5 thoughts on “It all began

  1. Leonie

    Well done Ange! It’s so inspiring to see someone say they will do something – then do it! I loved the retreat, and loved ‘getting naked’ and loved meeting you! Looking forward to seeing more from you! x

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