Grounding Spirits

Josie sank into the old musty chair on the front verandah and took in a deep breath. There was no better time of day.

The sun was making its way over the hills in front of her, giving the sky an orange hue building the suspense before is big ‘ta-da’ moment as it lights the earth.

There is a slight wisp of fog layered on the young wheat, dancing and swirling like a fairy’s dress as she whirls in excitement, welcoming the new day.

In the distance the cows are bellowing. The cockatoos are having an early morning conference, probably deciding their feeding plans for the day.

Josie smiles to herself as she pretends she can understand the cockatoo chatter

“I think we should head over to Bob’s place, that early oat crop tasted sweet yesterday”

“It sure did, I ate that much I could hardly fly”

“Wouldn’t mind mixing it with a bit of sorghum on the side of the road though, but that gets a bit dangerous”

“Arck arck, I know!  Damn near got hit by that truck! I was that full I couldn’t fly away quick enough”

Her repartee is disturbed by the patter of feet on the familiar floorboards inside. Her children were stirring. She can enjoy her coffee and alone time just a little longer.

The old house joints start to crack as the morning sun hits the roof, like its stretching it limbs ready to serve the family for another day. Her partner wanted to build a brand new house when they bought the family property but Josie insisted she wanted to live within the walls of ancestors.

“Ghosts of the past” he had scorned. Josie liked to think of them more as grounding spirits, guiding her through decisions and giving her assurance. She gently strokes the arms of her Nan’s chair, well-worn from the years of use. She feels close to her Nana and her mum, their pioneering spirit giving her strength. They would not understand the challenges of today, but they had similar in their day and had lived, laughed and survived, Josie and her partner will too.

“Mum! Mum! Mum? M-U-M!” Ben is running around inside looking for her. The screen door creaks and then slams.

Ben stands on the verandah in his pyjamas, hat and work boots which had obviously been pulled on quickly, they were on the wrong feet.

“There you are!” He puts his hands on his hips “Mum, can I help feed the poddy calves before school?”

“Sure can” says Josie, her arms open beckoning an early morning hug from her first born “I was waiting for you”

It was going to be a wonderful day.

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