Ending eras & creating new ones


The end of 2015 also marked the finish of an era in our household. On December 31st 2015 our household became learner andP-plate provisional driver FREE, bringing to the end 8 years of log books, supervised driving, looking and checking for plates on cars, reduced driving speeds. While this is a celebration for the provisional drivers, I felt a sense of loss. It is another step of letting go, my brood growing up and me being ‘needed’ less. Read More

Gray Street

canstockphoto7691275She steps over the bodies strewn across the room. One body lies in the hall, trying to grab any gasp of breeze that may float in the front door. It’s been a hot night.

Her walk is slow and soft, hoping the creaking of floorboards doesn’t wake anyone. It would be nice to have a moment of quiet before the children waken. Read More

Florence Christine

The house is quiet, so very quiet. Except for the ticking of the grandfather clock in the dining room. She sits on her regular short wooden stool and glances at her watch again. The worn face is small, tenuously holding onto to the links of the faded gold band. Its getting harder to see the hands but she has worn this watch for too many years, she doesn’t need much detail. Read More

The people you meet

Reflection of Tasmania

The race that stops a nation was held again yesterday. As I celebrated, like many other women the wonderful achievements of the first woman jockey to win the Melbourne Cup I was also reflecting on where I happened to be last year, when the cup was run. Read More

List-stumped, plain and simple.

I’m a bit of a list person. At work on a Monday morning I start the week with a list. I usually re-do that list each morning, always with the best intent of crossing items off the list. Some weeks it works great, other weeks and days the wheels fall off quickly and the list becomes just a reference point, not a ‘things to do this week’ list.

But I have a list. Read More

Grounding Spirits

Josie sank into the old musty chair on the front verandah and took in a deep breath. There was no better time of day.

The sun was making its way over the hills in front of her, giving the sky an orange hue building the suspense before is big ‘ta-da’ moment as it lights the earth.

There is a slight wisp of fog layered on the young wheat, dancing and swirling like a fairy’s dress as she whirls in excitement, welcoming the new day. Read More

Connecting to the world beyond the farm

She stood at the kitchen window and watched Tom drive off down to the wheat paddock, his faithful dogs happily yapping in the back of the ute. The tension in the house lifts as a quiet settles around the homestead. Mary is alone for a while, a time she has grown to enjoy. Read More

Going to be a good year

Looking damn fine after the rain

As the sun breaks through the final of the rain clouds Tom strolls into his paddock of wheat and surveys his land. He kicks the black soil under his feet and the corners of his mouth turn upwards, ever so slightly. He starts to get optimistic for a good yield this year. That last bit of rain has topped up the moisture store, should get the crop through to its end now.

But he has learnt there is still a ways to, so don’t go banking the money just yet. Read More