Grounding Spirits

Josie sank into the old musty chair on the front verandah and took in a deep breath. There was no better time of day.

The sun was making its way over the hills in front of her, giving the sky an orange hue building the suspense before is big ‘ta-da’ moment as it lights the earth.

There is a slight wisp of fog layered on the young wheat, dancing and swirling like a fairy’s dress as she whirls in excitement, welcoming the new day. Read More

It all began

The view from the remote area - time to reflect
The view from the remote area – time to reflect

Last weekend I spent time with a group of women strangers. Well actually we came together as strangers, we left as friends. Within a few hours together we were invited to become “as naked as we wanted to be” in front of the others. Naked, so soon? Oh gosh what had I signed up to? There wasn’t even phone reception to call in help if this did go super wrong!! Read More