Overcoming a Mob Anxiety

Ahh Wide Open Spaces!

As I get older I seem to tolerate crowds less. When I travel to the city I know I have to get in amongst the masses but it is always a sense of relief when I get out of the city and back into the wide open spaces of home. Read More

Rainy day in the city

I woke one morning last week and peeked out the window.


The sky was dark, the city was grey. The heavens had opened, it was pouring rain.

When I’m home I love the rain. I know it is filling our dams, our water tanks and the soil profiles that will sustain our crops and our community. It is Mother Nature’s gift to Father Earth. Read More

Swimming against the human tide

I missed the memo yesterday. Or at least that is what I started to wonder. It didn’t hit me at first; I ploughed on oblivious to the change. I turned the corner and it hit me.

I was faced with a wall, a wall of people heading in the opposite direction to me. The country girl was back in the city and trying to cope with the hustle and bustle of “peak hour”.

My head was cloudy and grey  © Can Stock Photo Inc. / littleneven though it was only 8am. Read More