A Splash of European Cultcha

I have been travelling to Tamworth a bit this last week as someone very dear to me has been in hospital. Normally when I travel to Tamworth, an hour’s drive away the ‘to do’ list is long – appointments and grabbing things you cannot get in a smaller town. This week, when the patient was sleeping I took the opportunity to explore some of the places that pop up on my social feeds.

On this particular bleak winter afternoon I happened upon a treasure tucked just below the Botanic Gardens at the top of town. The tree lined street frames an energetic CBD and the glorious Peel River valley below, the traffic echoes are muffled by the melodies of the birds that make this area their home.

The entrance is simple and easy access. A large sliding door leads you into the Weswal Gallery. I felt like I had been transported into a little piece of European artistic sophistication – for Australian art!

I was warmly greeted by Sandra who exudes delight in the place she has created. And then she let me wander.

My eyes darted from ceramics to jewellery, from paintings to sculptures a liquorice allsort of colours, shapes, sizes, tastes. This invoked what would have to be the equivalent heady joy that children feel in a toy store – for art lovers.

In the exhibition area I wandered through the journeys of local artist James White, where my European tour continued. James presents splendid watercolours from his travels in his current collection of Postcards.  I traveled with him as I stepped along each wonderful piece.

In the shop there are so many imaginative pieces to choose from. If you are looking for a special gift this is the place to go, especially something Australian for oversees family and friends. Or, if you are like me and want to treat yourself you will find a treasure I am sure.

countryhorizons_weswal8062017What did I purchase? Well I fell in love with an unusual ceramic mug. I love the orange colouring. I am not sure whether to use as my water cup or for my morning latte? I may have to get another as I still cannot decide!

The passage through Europe was hungry work – lucky for me the Weswal Café is just next door. You HAVE to try one of the bagettes – baked fresh on site! The owners Isobel and Sandy Allan were wonderfully hospitable – Sandy even followed me out to the car to give me some delicious orange chocolate as a farewell treat.


If you are looking for a place that is a little out of the way to meet up with friends or take a relaxing Sunday drive then a journey to the Weswal precinct is worth adding to your list – especially if you like a bit of ‘Cultcha’ .

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