Part 2: The letters home



In Part 1 – The Burlington Hotel I penned a story about a newly wedded country couple honeymooning in Sydney in 1933. The story was based on two letters I had found amongst some family treasures. This post is the letters. I hope you find them as interesting as I did – a wonderful connection to our past, our history.


(This letter is to his new ‘in-laws’, not his own family.)CH_ClemlettertoHome1.jpg

“Hotel Burlington”

Hay Street


13th September 1933

To All at Home,

Well I am, & Ellie is also very happy. Many thanks to you all for making and giving us such a lovely wedding.

We are doing fairly well down here so far, haven’t got lost or anything like that. Everything seems a bit strange to Ellie tho’ I think altho she don’t say so.

We had a rest & sleep until dinner time yesterday, of course we needed it. We saw Athol Cawood(?) at Central yesterday he came off the same train as we did.

The weather is not the best here cloudy and showery with a cool breeze blowing. I hope it clears up a bit soon.

Well folks I am not much of a news writer but we have more to talk about when we get home. Most likely we will take a day train home so as to have a look at the scenery etc.

With love from your knew Brother etc.


For the Sisters and Mother ——— xxxxxxx

We will be leaving here early next Tuesday morning I think but don’t know when we will be back home




Hotel Burlington

Hay Street


13th Sept 1933

My dear Home folk.

We arrived here yesterday morning, we met Jo at the Creek she was very pleased to see us & was telling us about Bub & his poor old Ell – now my big boy don’t you worry about poor old Ell – there’s not a happier creature alive & you all have helped to make me so.

We slept till 12 on Monday & then had lunch & went to the Capitol till 5 & had tea & went to Haymarket theatre. I feel as tho I have been here a week – we are going shopping – Furniture – (first time) this evening – & theatre to-night & Harbour trip Thursday & more theatre.

Well my dears if you feel like sending the snap to the address we’d love to see them.

Hope you are all well. Clem is wanting to write.

Cheers with love from Ellie


The family at home – a ‘snap’ possibly taken on the wedding day




Fountain Pen Image credit: © Can Stock Photo / tobiasott

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