Easy Cake


ingredientsMy daughter’s best friend celebrated her birthday this weekend. She is a mother of two, a two year old and a gorgeous little six month old.

I can only imagine the chaos in every day. I know each day would be rolling into the next, the same routine, the same battles at dinner, bath and bed.

I would like to tell her it gets better but this is a hollow reassurance when you are in the thick of terrible twos and broken sleep. I would like to tell her she is a great mum, try to enjoy the time with them but this is almost laughable when you are mopping the floor for the tenth time in 24 hours, changed your shirt three times and havent spoken to another adult for several days.

There was no major celebration planned, just a quiet pizza evening with a few close friends to mark the passing of another year.

My children all believe a birthday isn’t a birthday without a cake.Its not official until you have blown out candles and made a wish to see you safely through the next year. With this in mind, my daughter checked in with birthday girl’s fiancé.

“Have you got a cake for this evening?”

“Oh no! Forgot all about it when in town this morning”. Living out of town means it is not easy to just pop out and grab the forgotten item.

“Its OK I will whip one up, be happy to”

And then she announced she was going to make the cake, from scratch. Nomyrecipebook pre-made packet mix that you just add an egg and water but from scratch. Out came my recipe book.

When first married the lady we bought our fridge from shared her cake recipe with me. It has been a savior many times – for playgroup morning tea, cake stalls and last minute visitors. It is appropriately named “Easy Cake”.

It is time for me to share with you.

This cake is a throw-it-all-together and mix, from simple ingredients that we all have in our pantry.

As an added thrill my daughter decided to add some colour swirls, just for fun. Splashes of red, blue and green made this a unique, one of a kind cake for a wonderful, one of a kind young woman.


Easy Cake

1 ½ cups self-raising flour

2 eggs

Pinch salt

½ cup milk

4oz (120 g) soft margarine

¾ cup castor sugar

Dash vanilla

Put all ingredients into a bowl and mix for 3 minutes. Cook in moderate oven (180-200 degrees Celsius) for 30-35 minutes.

That’s it! Have fun, enjoy.

You are welcome x

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