There is no cure

From the day she was born she demanded our attention. As first time parents we didn’t just ease into parenthood, we were rocketed. She was impatient to feed, and content with short bursts of nutrition rather than the regular 3 or 4 hour feed rotation. She would not sleep for long, day or night.

I remember when I was younger I used to set my alarm to watch the sunrise as it was rare for me to be awake at that hour. I feel I have now seen enough sunrises to last me a life time. Read More

Our patchwork home


When I turned 40 my aunt hand made a patchwork quilt. It is a cherished gift. The unique creation has pride and place in my bedroom. I appreciate the patience to make a quilt such as this – cutting the shapes perfectly and sewing straight lines so the shapes look symmetrical and fit together. It is an impeccable work of art, the artist knowing what colours and patterns work together, having a long term vision of the end product and scrutinizing the creation as it slowly comes together with every additional piece and stitch.

I have utmost respect for that perseverance, skill and care. Read More

Spirit of Girlfriends

My Road to Dubbomobile phone buzzed heralding a text message. Are you here yet? Come out and join us for a bbq dinner. Be great to see you!

I had arrived at my lodgings for the night, just travelled 3 hours south west to Dubbo. I enjoyed the drive. As the sun slowly made its way down in the western sky I savored the shadows of the Warrumbungle ranges in the distant.

The terracotta glow of the setting sun was nothing compared to the blood red skies the Warrumbungles sprayed a few years ago. There had been a devastating fire that had wiped out most of the national park and many homes. I know the Coonabarabran community and the land are still recovering, and will for some time. Read More

List-stumped, plain and simple.

I’m a bit of a list person. At work on a Monday morning I start the week with a list. I usually re-do that list each morning, always with the best intent of crossing items off the list. Some weeks it works great, other weeks and days the wheels fall off quickly and the list becomes just a reference point, not a ‘things to do this week’ list.

But I have a list. Read More

Rainy day in the city

I woke one morning last week and peeked out the window.


The sky was dark, the city was grey. The heavens had opened, it was pouring rain.

When I’m home I love the rain. I know it is filling our dams, our water tanks and the soil profiles that will sustain our crops and our community. It is Mother Nature’s gift to Father Earth. Read More

Your whole life ahead of you…

“I have to sort my life out” is a common phrase one of my daughters uses often. At times it is used a little flippantly like to work out whether she is going out with friends or sorting out her study timetable. At other times it is for real life decisions that I am sure many young people are faced with today. Read More